Friday, September 12, 2008

Coral Embers shining in your winter landscape

As leaves begin changing colors, it's time to consider spots in your yard that need more fall color, and areas to add winter interest. There are a number of ways to add winter interest to your yard from evergreens, to leaving flower stalks to catch falling snow and icicles. Willow Coral Embers is just one of these ways.

This willow loves wet areas in your yard as long as the ground is well draining and does well in zones 2 to 8. It shows off silvery green leaves in summertime, and the leaves turn yellow in most zones. The real interest, however, is the bare branches left behind when winter sets in. This bright red color develops as winter sets in, but only on first-year growth. The willow will grow four or five feet a year, so it can be cut back to 15 inches or so in height in late winter to promote new growth for the following winter show.

This shrub has been popular in Europe for about a hundred years and loves full sun. It makes a great contrast to evergreens in the winter garden and has a reputation for being easy to grow.

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Nichole Giles said...

Ooh, that's a pretty shrub. Maybe I'll find room for one of those in my front yard.

Thanks for the idea.


bythesea said...

I would be most grateful IF you could tell me where I can buy this. It does not seem to be available anywhere. Thanks for any leads. Sally Thibault

Bruce said...

we sell these at Lowes