Friday, July 1, 2011

Blank Slate blog tour dates

I'm so excited about the release of my new book Blank Slate and the seriously awesome Tristi Pinkston has set up my blog tour for me. She's arranged a great line up of reviewers throughout the month of July. The reviewers are going to post a discount coupon code to buy my ebook from Smashwords (which allows you to download it for your ereader or in PDF for your computer for only $1.49. You can only get this discount code if you visit one of their blogs during the tour.

Here's the blog tour schedule:

July 1: Heidi Durrant
July 2: Nichole Giles did a review and an interview.
July 4: Tristi Pinkston
July 6: Cheryl Koch
July 7: Keith Fisher
July 9: Lara Neves
July 11: Christine Bryant
July 13: Rachelle Christensen
July 18: Ariel Wilson
July 19: Susan Schleicher
July 19: Jodie Baker
July 20: Kaylynn England
July 23: Danyelle Ferguson
July 25: Karen Clark
July 26: Kristin Durham
July 27: Kari Boardman
July 29: Kari Caulder
Also, at some point there will be an interview by Jennifer Walker and a review by Aislynn Thompson. I'll add them to the line up when I have definite dates.

I just picked up Heidi Durrant's review at Latter-Day Woman Magazine and it was great. here's an exerpt:

" thing that stood out to me considering her writing technique is how descritpive she is. I literally thought I was walking hand in hand with these characters. I could see what they were seeing and feel what they were feeling. I have read a few books lately, some books are slow going, others catch me almost instantly. This book caught me right away." You can find the rest of the review here.

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