Monday, February 6, 2012

Final giveaway winners and news

Hi, I want to thank everyone who joined my blog tour, it was a lot of fun. We have two final winners for the contest:
The book NYC Murder, Brooklyn Style goes to Roberta,

And the $20 gift certificate goes to Robbin P!

Thanks ladies for participating, I'll be contacting you shortly to get the prizes to you.

This Saturday I'll be signings at the St. George Seagull Book & Tape from 11-1 p.m., and I recently learned Family by Design is going to be in the Seagull catalog that comes out this month, which is very exciting.

The Whitney Award finalists for 2011 have been announced and I'm excited to get reading! You can see who the candidates are here. These books have been judged to be the best of their genre written by LDS authors (regardless of whether the books are for an LDS or national audience) and there was some serious competition for the five slots. Check them out!

My book Rebound was recently made available on Nook--and should be on Kindle soon, which has me really happy.

Also, I have a fun short story I recently uploaded as an ebook to Kindle and Nook (as well as everywhere else--when it finally trickles through to them) called He Doesn't Belong that is completely off-genre for me as it's about an old man moving into an assisted living center, but the story idea just grabbed me and wouldn't go away until I wrote it. =)


Jessica said...

I have an iPad so let me know when your story becomes available on it. I would love to read it!

Heather Justesen said...

I don't have iTunes or iBookstore on my computer (and how lame is it that you have to download two pieces of software to even see if they have the book available?) so I can't check that myself, but I'll mention that it's up once I see it arrive on Sony and Kobo (which have normal, web-based stores I can check on!) and it should arrive on iBookstore about the same time. =)

Rachelle said...

Awesome! Can't believe how much you've written. You're making the rest of us look bad, slow down! Just kidding, glad to have more of your work available to read. :)